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Here are 5 eco-friendly products you can buy to help save the planet


Here are 5 eco-friendly products you can buy to help save the planet


If you don’t live under a rock, you already know our world is facing a major climate crisis right now, and every little step you take can go a long way. Not only do the following stores have awesome products and your everyday necessities but they’re also playing a part in fighting this environmental crisis. By supporting them and switching to environmentally friendly alternatives, you support your local businesses, you get your hands on amazing deals and products and you aren’t compromising our planet’s health as you do so.

EcoPak (@ecopakonline)

This store offers replacements for plastic food packaging and cutlery by introducing products that are made out of high-quality kraft, Birchwood, and bagasse all of which are biodegradable and help us dodge the health hazards that we’re making ourselves vulnerable to by using plastic food containers. If you already own a food business or are just starting out with one at home because of the pandemic, you should definitely give this store a shot. They offer individual samples but usually sell these products in bulk at very reasonable prices.

The Red Code (@the.red.code)

They sell affordable, eco-friendly, and culturally responsible feminine hygiene products. They’re also playing their part in creating awareness about women’s health in remote areas of Pakistan as well. Unlike commercially sold pads that add to the already extraordinary amount of waste that sits in a landfill for hundreds of years, these sanitary pads are reusable and are made out of biodegradable material. The price for a pack of two reusable cloth pads is Rs. 1,200 which can be used for about a period of 6 months saving you so much money!

Parwana Paper (@parwana_handmade_paper_pk)

They produce a range of stationery made with recycled paper, riverside reeds, and cotton fabrics reducing their carbon footprints and ours if we buy from them. They offer diaries, envelopes, greeting cards and boxes, all of which are eco-friendly. You can buy their products from parwanapaper.com. They take minimum orders for Rs. 700, but all their products are very reasonably priced and you won’t regret checking them out.

Greenspace (@greenspace_pk)

If you live in an apartment or if you don’t have a lawn and would want some greenery around your house and some more oxygen, Greenspace offers a huge range of potted plants that you can buy. They all go for prices under Rs. 1,500, and will make your room look fresher alongside obviously helping you breathe better!

Code Green Pk (@codegreenpk)

This store offers eco-friendly products that can be great alternatives to the ones you already use in your everyday life. From toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath salts, lotions, moisturizers, deodorants, and lip balms, this store has it all with everything retailing for less than Rs. 1,500.

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