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Haunted House near Toronto available

Haunted House near Toronto available

Saad Ali Rana

Think you have what it takes to spend the night at a remote Victorian mansion where 2 children died and lights turn on and off at random?

From a 1200-year-old German manor owned by a Danish countess to the abandoned post of an eerie, deserted town in Utah, the options are both cool and terrifying. Which sort of makes it the perfect place to hold your Halloween festivities!

Less than two hours North of the city, in Penetanguishene, Ontario, resides a stunning home built in 1885 by a lumber magnate named Carl Beck. Guests of the ‘Beck House”, as it’s now called, have reported seeing objects move around on their own and various ghostly apparitions. While some swear they’ve seen the angry spirit of Beck’s eldest daughter, Mary, who was apparently left to raise the family’s nine children after their mother died.

The Beck House is billed simply as the “Haunted House of Toronto”. You can be the star of your own horror flick by renting this house through Airbnb. This short term rental platform has just announced a special deal in which guests can book the property for as low as $31 a night.


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