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Hamza Ali Abbasi gearing up to write a book about God

Hamza Ali Abbasi gearing up to write a book about God


What happened:

Hamza Ali Abbasi took to Twitter today and announced that he is currently working on writing a book about God. The actor has previously stated that his journey has taken him “from Atheism to Islam”.

He also stated that he will be inactive on social media because he will be busy writing the aforementioned book. He said he was,”hoping to be done by June 2021 Insha Allah.”.

The background:

He announced a break from show business last year, in a tweet followed by a 23-minute long video talking about his decision to devote his life to God, saying, “There were only two things I saw continuing after my death; serving humanity with charity and what not – which is compulsory anyway – and devoting my life to God. I want to spend the rest of my life talking about God and spreading His message. Call it religious activism, call it a declaration or whatever, but now I want to talk about God.”.

But, later he clarified that the break wasn’t permanent, and that this was him being cognisant of religious boundaries when taking on jobs moving forward.

He announced his return to the world of entertainment with ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ this year, in September.

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