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Hajj cost likely to increase to Rs550,000 this year

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Hajj cost likely to increase to Rs550,000 this year


The Ministry of Religious Affairs on Thursday told a Senate panel that cost of Hajj may increase this year by over one hundred thousand rupees because of hike in the US dollar’s exchange rate and rising airfares.

The secretary told the panel that a total of 179,000 people are going to perform it this year. After the increase in the Hajj package, the cost of government package for northern region would increase to Rs550,000 and that of the southern region to Rs545,000.

Will the sudden hike decrease the number of people going on Hajj?

Most likely. People of very different classes go to perform Hajj. But seeing the way the cost to perform the Islamic ritual increases every year, it has become difficult for many to perform it. Especially for the poor and the middle class. An estimated number of 200,000 people are expected to perform Hajj in 2020, but as there are chances of the package cost to increase, the number might lessen.


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