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Government Set’s Up Trauma Center To Handle The End Of Game Of Thrones

Government Set’s Up Trauma Center To Handle The End Of Game Of Thrones


The end of an era has come, and people are not ready for it. And luckily for us, the government of Pakistan is ready to handle it. All emergency services have been put on high alert for the whole of Monday, to ensure that if people do freak out, the government is ready to handle the situation.

Hotlines have been set up to ensure that people can talk to a support representative to talk about the finale. This is done in hopes of ensuring that people do not come onto the streets again. After last week’s episode, over a million people took to the streets, demanding a remake of the latest installment of the show, sending the country into a gridlock. The only way to disperse the crowd was after making them realize that the last episode is still left.  Given the end of the series airs today, all emergency services are on high alert.

And the government isn’t taking any risks. In an effort to deal with unwanted-spoiler related rage, the Pakistani government has enforced a social media blackout. “The trolls have had their way for too long. We cannot let them hurt the people of Pakistan anymore” said Prime Minister Imran Khan in a tweet this morning. The ban is expected to be listed by the end of the day, by which point everyone should have seen the episode.

This isn’t the first time Pakistan has had to deal with Television show related issues.  When Breaking Bad came to a finish, boys took to the streets demanding blue crystal meth. This 3 day long protest was only ended after tear gas and “latti charge” were used to disperse the crowd. Let’s hope the government’s proactive response help reduce the damage that Game of Thrones can do.

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