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GCU fired Political Science professor for promoting critical thinking on campus

GCU fired Political Science professor for promoting critical thinking on campus


Government College University (GCU) has been accused of firing a Political Science teacher Zaighum Abbas for being ‘political’ on campus, and for enabling the students to debate and think critically.

Zaighum Abbas posted a status on his Facebook profile, highlighting his four-year-long teaching career at GCU, and the grounds on which his contract is not being renewed by GCU administration. The teacher said that he was recently informed ‘verbally’ that his contract would not be renewed, on grounds that he was being ‘political’ and vocal against the issues students and teachers had been facing every day on campus.

He said, despite his long professional service for the institute, the administration did not even consider to inform him through a written termination notice.

Historian and activist Ammar Ali Jan used twitter to condemn this act of GCU. He stated that Zaighum had been fired just for speaking on ‘student rights’. He added, “earlier Dr. Amir Iqbal was fired for ‘exposing’ administration’s corruption.” and continued “Teachers who speak for rights are targeted. Critical thinking is under attack on campuses,”

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  1. I feel proud to belong to the same region as Zagam, I also felt the same way when I was teaching at a university in Pakistan. Moving to the West was a like a breath of intellectual fresh air. If we do not promote variety in ideas and thoughts, then it will be impossible to compete with a fast moving world.

  2. Anonymous March 14, 2020

    Massive respect


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