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Garment workers Gear up to demand rights amidst COVID-19

Garment workers Gear up to demand rights amidst COVID-19

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While coronavirus leads to layoffs and cutoffs  in the textile industry, workers protest for higher wages at factory supplying global fashion brands.

Last week Karachi, Sindh’s police allegedly opened fire on hundreds of unarmed workers protesting outside a denim factory supplying to global fashion brands. Garment workers like Abdul Basit, 35, accused the police for charging him with batons outside a factory that reportedly fired over 15,000 workers since the outbreak of COVID-19, according to Nasir Mansoor, the National Trade Union Federation.

He added that some workers had been fired without written notice.When the police arrived, workers were peacefully protesting for improved working conditions and wages. Closures, cutoffs job and the cancellation of conventional holiday bonuses that enable rural migrants to travel home before Eid, had caused demonstrators to despair.

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