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Gang rapes continue to terrorize women in Delhi


Gang rapes continue to terrorize women in Delhi

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After alleged gang rape victim was set on fire in India, a note was left outside 18 years old home for the family. The 18 year old set to testify in her own case against a man she had accused of rape.

The note read, “Consequences may be worse than what happened in Unnao.” The noted pointed towards northern India where a woman was allegedly doused with gasoline and set ablaze by five men, including two she had accused of gang rape, who were out on bail.

The note was taken to the police by the teen and her family. Sexual violence is so common in India that sadly such news only gets a few headlines before fading away.

Recent high-profile rape cases that have shocked the country in recent weeks, including the woman in Unnao, who was about to board a train for a court hearing in her case when she was allegedly set on fire earlier this month.

The latest incidents come around the seventh anniversary of a gang rape on a moving bus in New Delhi which shook India to its core.


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