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Four days, four explosions, four different Muslim majority nations

Four days, four explosions, four different Muslim majority nations


Four different Muslim majority nations have experienced either fires or explosions in key areas during the past three days. The latest incident is a fire that occurred today in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia near a train station: the Haramain railway station, purportedly offering the fastest train service in all of Middle East.

Another fire broke out on Wednesday in Ajman Market in the UAE – a relatively new industrial sector some 50 kilometres away from Dubai.

A third fire took place near Tehran, Iran on Tuesday: also in an industrial area. This incident is actually part of a series of explosions and fires that have been taking place throughout Iran for the past three months, often in strategically important locations. In July, a blast took place at the underground Natanz Nuclear Site which was a severe set back for Iran’s nuclear program. Other explosions also took place at medical and military facilities in roughly the same time period. When questioned who might be behind these attacks, the Iranian national security council claimed they could not disclose the information because of “security reasons” (source: BBC).

However, BBC also reported that some Iranian officials were of the opinion that Israel was the perpetrator.

In fact, public opinion seems to be leaning towards a similar conclusion with regards to all four incidences: it is a Zionist controversy.

After all, it is entirely possible for Israel to have sinister motives when it comes to its Middle Eastern neighbours. It has a fraught history with all, starting with the Arab-Israeli conflict when a contingent of Arab countries – including Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia – invaded Israel over territory disputes. But recently, these Middle Eastern nations have been making attempts at diplomacy. Israel even expressed solidarity with Lebanon after the deadly attack that injured thousands took place on Tuesday. However, this does not erase the reality that the two nations are still at war.

Many are concerned that this series of attacks is a sign of malicious forces at work poised to bring destruction upon the Muslim world. However, while the blasts have taken place in key spots of industrial and economic importance, only the explosion in Lebanon has actually claimed lives. If this was a serious conspiracy aimed at dismantling Muslim Middle East, a terrorist organisation would most likely not stop at bombing empty train stations and warehouses. It would strike where it hurts the most.

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