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Former student tweets about NUST’s “draconian” policies

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Former student tweets about NUST’s “draconian” policies


In the light of the alleged rape case that took place on the campus of NUST, a former student has written about the university’s extremely controlling nature and harsh policies.

Only about a day ago, a student of NUST got allegedly raped and the university issued a statement saying it was a “complete hoax!”

The hasty statement and its accusatory tone didn’t sit well with the people which prompted everyone to believe that NUST is trying to cover the story. Which it might be as a former graduate of the university writes about his experience at the university and how the administration makes sure that nothing bad which could defame the name of the university is uttered or published.

User @BurhanULhaq on twitter, started a thread to talk about his experience. He mentions how TV’s weren’t allowed as they corrupted the students, girls and boys sat on different sides and if a girl was seen talking to a boy, her character was questioned.

He also talks about how the administration would raid their hostel rooms and if two boys were seen sitting on the bed together, they were labelled as gays and their parents were notified about their “alleged sexuality.”

Burhan further goes on to explain how he once wrote a blog about the extreme policies of NUST and he got called in by the HOD. He got threatened with the cancellation of his degree.

You can read the entire thread here.


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