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Former Soch Video employee alleges she was ‘harassed at her job for months’

Former Soch Video employee alleges she was ‘harassed at her job for months’


What happened:

A former employee at Soch, Aiman Rizvi, alleged she had been harassed at her job for months by her employers, which led her to resign, and was later gaslit by one of her ex-colleagues Arafat Mazhar after she spoke up about the issue.

Read more on the story:

In a Twitter thread on Monday, Rizvi claimed that after she ‘put everything in writing‘ following her resignation from her job at Soch, Arafat Mazhar ‘flew in for damage control’ to help save the organization’s reputation.

She further proceeds to talk about how she was manipulated by his ‘legal jargon’ as he continued to invalidate her experiences even when there were multiple witnesses to support her claim.

Expanding on the issue she says,’ The person who called me a damsel in distress? You protected her. She was given a management position despite gaslighting me and taking the side of the harasser. Despite making fatphobic, sexist, classist comments on the regular‘ and ‘You told me you would ‘shut me down’ and not allow me to ‘weaponize’ your words?‘. Rizvi concluded the thread by calling Mazhar out for still associating with the organization.

Response from Soch Videos:

ProperGaanda has reached out to Soch Videos for their perspective and comment on the situation, as of yet, they have not made a public statement.

Twitter Reaction:

Following Rizvi’s tweet, many people came out in support:

One user said:

Sana Ahmed, an artist, expressed her disappointment saying:

Manal Khan, a multimedia journalist, responded to the story alleging Soch Videos has a pay gap for graduates of local and foreign institutions.

Another user proceeded to talk about how he’s losing respect for the people involved:

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