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Footage emerges of illegal land grabbing by Bahria Town


Footage emerges of illegal land grabbing by Bahria Town


What Happened: Various videos emerged yesterday of mass scale illegal land grabbing by Bahria Town in a village near Bahria Town Karachi. A number of heavy machinery, armed guards, security forces , police vans and workers barged into an indigenous village near Bahria Town Karachi, starting preparations for encroachment of the land. 100s of the local villagers came out to stand for their land and chanted that they won’t let their land be stolen from them.

Security forces involved: The entourage of the Bahria Town forces was accompanied by Sindh police and many other armed guards who tried to disperse the crowd of the local villagers. The forces harassed, attacked and fired blank rounds at the local villagers to let the construction go on in the villages of Gaddap and Khatur.

The Law: The 1993 Malir Development Authority act says that no unregistered land can be given to any private residential scheme, however it is to note that this law was amended by the PPP government in 2013, hence letting Bahria Town carry out this mass scale encroachment.

#SayNoToBahriaTown: A social media campaign saw 100s of tweets flood these channels showing videos the Bahria Town Administration accompanied by forces marching into these old villages while people screamed and shouted. Various altercations took place.

The Twitter users have questioned the role of the state and what responsibility it owes to these people. 

Many demanded that the perpetrators should be arrested and questioned about the legalities of these brutalities.

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