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Fire erupts in Ghotki’s Sufi Anwer Shah Safari Park

Fire erupts in Ghotki’s Sufi Anwer Shah Safari Park


What happened

On Wednesday night, over 1.5 acres of land in the Sufi Anwer Shah Safari Park in Ghotki has been reduced to ashes following a fire that erupted in the wild grass, said the Sindh Wildlife Department.

What you should know

Sufi Anwer Shah Safari Park spreads over 2,400 acres and was established in 2008 as a joint venture of the Sindh Forest Department and the United Nation’s Joint Programme on Environment.

The park serves as a breeding ground for wild animals and birds such as hog deer, blackbuck, blue bull, chinkara, pea fowl, grey partridge, and black partridge.

About the fire

Shortly after the blaze set out, people in the nearby areas informed the authorities.

“Four fire brigade trucks were called in and the fire was doused within a few hours,” chief conservator Javed Mahar told SAMAA Digital.

However, no damage to life or property was reported.

Conservator Mahar suspects that a chucked cigarette butt in the grass could be what set off the fire.

“As per the wildlife laws, anyone visiting a wildlife park or conservation area can’t keep cigarettes, lighters, or matches with them,” he pointed out.

“In fact, a person carrying any of these things is usually stopped at the entrance.”

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