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Firdous Ashiq humiliates AC Sialkot over Ramadan bazaar conditions in public

Firdous Ashiq humiliates AC Sialkot over Ramadan bazaar conditions in public


What Happened: Special Assistant to the Chief Minister, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan conducted a routine visit to a government-set Ramadan Bazaar in her constituency of Sialkot. Upon inspection of the stalls, the Minister found the quality of the items to be as she describes ‘third class’. 

The interaction: Upon being confronted at the state of these stalls, Assistant Commissioner Sonia Sadaf provided the minister with her explanations, however the Dr. Firdous lost her cool at this and started speaking loudly in a derogatory manner. She questioned how the AC was performing her duty and who had appointed her. At the use of some uncivilized language, the AC said thankyou and left the gathering of people.

Reaction: The AC was questioned how she felt and she said that fruit can go bad because of human error because of the horrible weather conditions, and that the minister could have spoken softly, but it is alright and waited for the minister to finish her visit. 

Public Reaction: AC Sialkot and Firdous Ashiq trended on Twitter throughout the night as people on both sides argued their cases. Most are of the opinion that the minister behaved horribly and she should respect a government qualified officer in a public gathering and that her language was unacceptable.

However, some are of the opinion that the AC was not performing her duties and she behaves in the same way if not worse with the general public. 

Punjab Chief Secretary Jawad Rafique Malik stated that he condemns the use of indecent language by the minister against a government official and these officials should be treated with respect as they are performing their duties in the dire conditions with COVID-19 and heatwaves.

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