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Female tent pegger says niqab shouldn’t stop women from following their dreams

Female tent pegger says niqab shouldn’t stop women from following their dreams


Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, what you’ve done, where you come from.

My name is Fatima Adeel. I’m currently studying at FCC Lahore doing my BS in Political Science and International Relations. One of my favourite hobbies is horse riding together with tent pegging. 

Can you tell us more about your experience in horse riding and tent pegging?

I started horse riding almost 2 years back and tent pegging a few months ago. It was a great experience and with time it turned into my passion as I loved every second spent on the saddle.

What do you think about women who wish to pursue a sport, whether it be horse riding or tent pegging, but are discouraged by society or family?

Horse riding is a very rich game which inculcates many qualities in you such as leadership qualities and makes you mentally strong, brave, and courageous.

Plus it’s a sunnah of the Prophet and He (pbuh) encouraged people to teach their kids horse riding.

I personally faced problems because of my hijab/niqab because there’s this stereotype in our society that woman who do “pardah” are suppose to sit at home and are restricted from pursuing their goals. On the contrary we need to realise that Islam doesn’t restrict us from following our passions rather it encourages us to pursue them and find meaning in our life. We see examples of great Muslim women in Islam even back in the prophet’s time who were warriors, police women, and businesswomen.

Therefore it’s about time that we stand up against these stereotypes and tell the world what we’re capable of, be it in sports or any other field.

Plus I believe developing a relationship of trust and respect between parents and daughters is very essential. You do not need to rebel against your families to follow your dreams, rather you can take them along on your journey and develop a healthy relationship of transparency with them so that your success is not incomplete.

So if you had a message for all those young women what would it be?

My message to women of our society is that a very wrong picture of Islam has been forced down our throats which is not Islam in reality. We need to study Islam ourselves in order to protect our rights because our society tries to suppress us in the name of Islam.

Know that the deen of Allah doesn’t suppress you; it is the wrong mindset of our society that does.

You can enjoy your life and follow your dreams to the fullest while remaining within the boundaries set by your religion. Therefore, fortify yourselves with the knowledge of Islam so that you can take a firm stand against those who try to manipulate its teachings.