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Female Pedestrian Exposes Public Harasser On Twitter

Female Pedestrian Exposes Public Harasser On Twitter


How It Happened: 24 year old Zoya Ayaz was crossing a pedestrian bridge when she came across a young man shamelessly masturbating out in the open.

Where It Happened: Abu Bakr Block, New Garden Town, Lahore.

When It Happened: 25th September, 2019

Upon seeing him, Zoya instantly noticed something strange about the man’s body language. She had intended to pass by him as quickly as possible without making eye contact, however that changed when he stepped right in front of her. The man exposed himself in public, a crime according to the Pakistani penal code. To maintain evidence, Zoya recorded the incident. As Zoya walked away from him, moved to cover his face with his shirt and arm, before advancing on her.

Zoya’s story went viral on social media after she uploaded the video on twitter

“I was coming back from my institute and going back home in the afternoon around 02.30 pm. I use that bridge to cross the road on daily basis. I was wearing a decent dress, not jeans and a top,” said Zoya to a private news source.

After posting the video on Twitter, many people come forth in support

Oddly enough, there were still those who seemed to be concerned about the harasser’s public image/defamation.

While the notion of pulling something like this – that too in public – is horrific, it is hardly surprising anymore; we have seen similar cases far too many times before, from careem captains and motorcyclists to bus passengers and now this.

It makes you wonder, how and when society let certain groups of men believe they could commit such vile acts and get away with it… and to what extent these harassers would go to for their personal satisfaction- outside of the public eye.


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