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Fawad Chaudry Announces Rate An Imam, A Mobile App Which Would Review Imam’s of Different Masjids

Fawad Chaudry Announces Rate An Imam, A Mobile App Which Would Review Imam’s of Different Masjids


After retirement from the Information Ministry, Fawad Chaudry as Federal Minister for science and technology has already introduced a website and a mobile app, and now their latest invention Rate An Imam!

Rate an Imam, let’s you do exactly as the name implies. People after they are done with their prayers and sermons, they can take a picture of the imam and rate it and post it on the forum. The App plans to introduce new features in the future like Imam of the week, how your Ummah is doing, which minister is the most religious and pious etc.

People have mixed views over the app, but some critics like the JUF and other ultra right conservatives have protested against a particular feature of the app, the recording of an Imam’s history i.e sexual abuse and domestic violence.

“Investigating an Imam’s History are signs of a secular society and we won’t let it happen”, said Maulana Fuzlur-rehman Leader JUF

“As long as there aren’t Blashpmey scares, I don’t care” Fawad Chaudry while responding to criticism and high fiving a reporter. Fawad Chaudry further talking about his career and said he tried his luck as the Information Minister and failed. “This app business might be my true calling” Exclaimed Fawad Chaudry.

“Like Kon banatay hai 3 Applications Chand kai ird gird.” A close aid to Chaudry, says after his short failure as the Information Minister, Fawad has started to think of himself as a Tech Entrepreneur. “I think the world is moving to a tech future, I am not saying I am the Elon to the Musk, But I am Definitely The Fawad to the Chaudry”

Fawad Chaudry while answering ProperGaanda’s reporter question “Apki Inspiration Kia Hai Sir?” Fawad Chaudry said he’s set himself a vision 2019/2024. In which he plans to make Pakistan the hub for Islamic Entrepreneurship.

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