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Faisal Edhi writes letter to PM Modi, offers to help India in battle against COVID-19

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Faisal Edhi writes letter to PM Modi, offers to help India in battle against COVID-19


The Gesture: Faisal Edhi, head of Pakistan’s largest charitable foundation, the Edhi foundation has penned a letter to Indian PM Narendra Modi offering a fleet of 50 ambulances to help with India’s lethal second wave of COVID-19.

Faisal Edhi’s letter

Current Situation in India: India has seen a fourth consecutive day of 300,000+ cases, and the death toll is around 22,000 a day, which has led to an extreme scarcity of oxygen supply. The healthcare system is about to crumble with the overwhelming number of patients coming in. The world has been watching the situation in the world’s biggest democracy with horror, yet little has been done. 

Daily situation in India getting worse

The Letter: Faisal Edhi’s letter stated how the Edhi Foundation has been closely following the situation in India. He offered his sincerest sympathies with regards to how difficult the third wave had become for the Indian people. He further added that he has a 50 ambulance fleet ready to go to help manage the humanitarian crisis equipped with emergency medical technicians, office staff, supporting staff and drivers. Faisal Edhi made it clear that they don’t require any assistance from India as the Edhi Foundation would provide all necessary amenities, food, and fuel required by the team. He requested PM Modi permission to enter India with necessary guidance from local administration to direct the fleet to any areas of concern.

A Twitter user offers their praise and wishes for better diplomatic relations

Public Reaction: The gesture has been praised heavily around the world, with people calling it the epitome of what Pakistan-India relations need to be like. Many talked about how this gesture has proved that humanity shall always prevail over all borders. Michael Kugelman on Twitter stated that it was an example that ‘must be set and that the world must see’.

Deputy Director of the Asia program offers his praise
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