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Facebook and Telenor to train women in digital skills

Facebook and Telenor to train women in digital skills


Facebook and Telenor launched a joint programme to train 1,000 Pakistani girls and women in digital skills to help them achieve financial empowerment and society independence.

Facebook would train the women and girls through its programme called “#SheMeansBusiness” while Telenor launched ACTIVATE by organising a digital skills workshop for 100 aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Beth Ann Lim, Facebook’s Head of Community Affairs for Asia Pacific, said: “#SheMeansBusiness programme and our partnership with Telenor is aimed at connecting entrepreneurial women with empowering tools, peers and networks.”

Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan commented on the occasion aswell, saying, “Being cognizant of their challenges, we have designed this digital skills workshop to equip women and girls with essential skills to propel their careers further,”

“Our partnership with Facebook is a representation of our efforts to provide equal opportunities to women across the country, who have the will but lack resources to become partners in the development of Pakistan’s economy and society,” he said.

The speakers of the event throughout said that the future of this country is Pakistani Women. And it is time to reclaim our share in society.

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