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Enjoy a vegan lifestyle with these 5 local brands that make dairy-free products in Karachi


Enjoy a vegan lifestyle with these 5 local brands that make dairy-free products in Karachi


Opting to go vegan due to personal preferences or health implications in Pakistan is very difficult because of the lack of vegan-friendly available options. Saying goodbye to milk, cakes and ice cream is a tough task. Life without cheese and chocolate is no fun, and believe it or not, you can still enjoy all of your favourite dairy-ridden foods while adapting to a vegan lifestyle. So don’t give up on your dairy-free dreams just yet.

We have combined a list of 5 local Karachi based businesses providing dairy-free food items

1. The Health Nut 

The Health Nut (@thehealthnut.pk) is a one-stop-shop for most of your vegan dairy-free needs. They have an assortment of non-dairy milk, flour range, butter range and yoghurts. Coconut flour and almond flour are available as an alternative to regular flours and cost Rs. 999 for 250g. The butter range includes almond butter, peanut butter, coconut cashew butter and chocolate hazelnut butter. All of them cost Rs. 1,250 for 500g except the chocolate hazelnut butter which costs Rs. 1,800. 

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2. Super Fit Kitchen 

Super Fit Kitchen (@fitkitchenorganic) specialises in dairy-free milk and butter. Customers can get almond butter and peanut butter in plain form or in crunch form for Rs. 750 or Rs 850 respectively. In the range of dairy-free milk, they have almond milk, coconut milk and oat milk. Customers can also ask them to provide them with dairy-free chia puddings in coconut, coffee, apple and strawberry flavours

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3. Nora Got Sweet Tooth 

Nora Got Sweet Tooth (@noragotsweettooth) have everything most people might want as options for dairy-free. Their whole menu is specifically designed for vegan eaters. They make vegan chocolate mousse with avocado and created a special section of “slices” which is their take on vegan treats. Slices include Karamel Slices with date caramel, nut-based peanut butter pies and oat flour banana bread which has blueberry, pumpkin or chocolate bases. They use black beans and chickpeas to make black brownies and their famous cookie dough muffins for Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 2,200 respectively.

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MYLKHI (@mylkhi), pronounced as ‘milky’, deals with dairy-free, coconut base and vegan-friendly ice cream. Available flavours include dark chocolate, coconut caramel and cold coffee. All of these cost Rs. 600 for 8OZ. Moringa matcha & mint is their premium flavour that costs Rs. 650 for 8OZ. The founder of MILKHY wanted people to feel good about their indulgences, which is why MYLKHI is more flavour forward than it is calorie and sugar rich.  

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5. Ella’s Gelato 

Ella’s Gelato (@ellasgelato) is another ice cream shop. Although they deal with dairy gelatos, they also serve a range of lactose-free ice creams, one of which is Double Choc. It costs Rs. 290. They also stock vegan peanut butter for Rs. 750 for a 350g jar. 

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