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Eels in a Japanese aquarium are forgetting humans exist

Eels in a Japanese aquarium are forgetting humans exist


The eels at Sumida Aquarium are finding their environment transformed by the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. They also appear to be forgetting what humans look like.

Concerned that the garden eels could come to see visitors as a threat, the aquarium is asking people to get in touch in the form of a calming video calls. The aquarium, housed in Tokyo Skytree has been closed since the start of March and its garden eels have become used to a largely human-free environment. But the aquarium said the “unprecedented situation” had had put the eels and other creatures ill at ease. “They don’t see humans, except keepers, and they have started forgetting about humans,” it said on its Twitter account this week.

How to help these eels remember humans?

To help the eels reconnect with their admirers, the aquarium is setting up five tablets facing their tank, with users asked to connect through iPhones or iPads via the FaceTime app. Once the video calls start, people are asked to show their faces, wave and talk to the eels. But, given the animals’ natural bashfulness, they are requested not to raise their voices.

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