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Editors top 7 picks for the Lahori food fix, this Ramadan

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Editors top 7 picks for the Lahori food fix, this Ramadan


This Ramadan, the editors at Propergaanda have curated a special list for our readers in Lahore. This list of local businesses will take your tastebuds on a journey of ecstasy. These are some of the must-try food selections to satisfy a variety of our iftar cravings.

Here are 7 of our editor’s top picks for you this Ramadan.

1 Chill out this summer with Popcycle.

What would be better than a cold treat to beat the summer heat this Ramadan? Switch up your usual glass of Rooh Afzah and indulge yourself in a cold treat from Popcycle (@popcyclepops). Made from 100% fruit juice, they will provide you with a refreshing and delicious alternative, when breaking your fast.

You can purchase a popsicle for about Rs. 200 to 250.

Click here to order now.

2 Keep a track of your diet with Noonjuice.

Ramadan brings with it, concerns about maintaining a healthy diet. Noonjuice (@noonjuicepk), a macro count meal service, will help you keep tabs on your daily calorie intake. Bridging the gap between delicious food and a healthy lifestyle, Noonjuice is a premium option with a diverse menu that will help you stick to your diet and make it seem easy.

A typical meal from Noonjuice may cost around Rs. 750, prices are subject to change as per customization.

Click here to order now.

3 Oh Momo will satiate all your dumpling needs.

A home-based business, Oh Momo (@oh.momo) not only harkens to old Bollywood nostalgia with its clever branding. But they also pack a punch with their bold flavours and perfectly wrapped momos. The Nepalese equivalent of dumplings. Bringing Nepalese fusion cuisine, to your doorstep, for an unforgettable dining experience.

A typical meal from Oh Momo can cost around Rs. 500

Click here to order now.

4 Become the cookie monster with Cupcation by Eesha.

Sometimes your iftar just isn’t complete without satiating your sweet tooth. Cookies from Cupcation by Eesha (@cupcationbyeesha) could easily be one of our favourite cookie joints in Lahore. This local business brings to you a variety of loaded cookies for a sugar rush fantasy.

You can purchase a cookie for around Rs. 150

Click here to order now.

5 Take care of your gut with Pro-B.

Ramadan can mess up your tummy with the sudden change in your normal diet. Pro B (@healthygutskhi) will help you stabilize your metabolism and aid you in keeping your stomach happy with their selection of probiotic beverages, that they deliver nationwide. They offer Keffir water and KAmbucha in a variety of flavours, making the best alternative to doodh-soda.

A six-pack typically costs around Rs. 4,000.

Click here to order now.

6 Quick and easy Sehri with Best Organics.

Sehri can be really challenging, but with Best Organics’ (@best_organics) granola bars you can have a quick and healthy meal to get you through the day. We love these energy-packed bars and the variety of flavours they come in.

A pack of 10 bars will cost around Rs. 1,500.

Click here to order now.

7 Is your blood sugar low? Cause Nerdies can help.

If the cookies didn’t quite do the trick in helping you get your blood sugar back to normal, Nerdies (@nerdies.pk) has a unique selection of dessert tubs that will put you in a sugar coma, just after the first bite. Not only do these desserts look decadent, but they are also flowing to the brim with rich creamy goodness that can serve as an entire meal alone.

Order now for an eccentric dessert for about Rs. 1,500.

Click here to place an order.

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