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Dr. Imran Shah Seems to Be in Deeper Trouble Than He Was 24 Hours Ago

Dr. Imran Shah Seems to Be in Deeper Trouble Than He Was 24 Hours Ago


PTI MPA Dr. Imran Ali Shah has been the subject of much debate around VIP culture, bureaucratic privilege and the state of justice in Naya Pakistan. A day ago a disturbing video emerged showing the lawmaker beating another man quite ruthlessly. He defended his actions by saying that man he beat, Mr. Dawood Chauhan, had misbehaved with another person during an altercation on the road and that Shah himself cannot tolerate anyone misbehaving with a poor man or ‘ghareeb admi’ as he called him. PTI also issued a show-cause notice, which made everyone feel that there was finally some accountability. Shah publically apologized as well.

However, the people of Pakistan, or rather the Twitterati of Pakistan are not happy with this. They are demanding that Imran Shah is kicked out of PTI.

Labib Chauhan, son of Dawood Chauhan took to social media with the following concerns. 

People pointed out that such acts cannot be tolerated at the hands of any party member whatsoever.

This man made a valid point about us melting at the idea of ‘swift action’, without seeing if justice follows through

It has surfaced that even Insafians are demanding better justice for Dawood Chauhan.

There is certainly a greater degree of self-reflection that has come in with PTI’s government. Self-reflection at the level of the supporters is what will create better accountability in the country.

But wait, here is where things get real murky.

Dr.Rehana Shah has made some claims of unacceptable violent behavior that she suffered at the hands of Dr. Imran Ali Shah as well. Dr. Rehana is the Orthopedic Head at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in Karachi and is also the stepmother of the defamed PTI MPA. Here is what she had to say about her experiences with him:

Posted by Rehana Shah on Wednesday, August 15, 2018


The only thing that comes to mind is: Yikes! Trouble in terms of his alleged past actions seems to have crept up at Dr. Imran Shah’s back with top speed. This is a lot of controversy for a lawmaker of the leading party in the Government of Pakistan, who has just taken oath last week.

While we wait for these claims to be corroborated with further information let us know your thoughts on the issue.


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