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Does celebrity culture mean being above criticism?

Does celebrity culture mean being above criticism?


If Pakistani celebrities cannot make the news interesting with groundbreaking and moving work, they sure can keep things fiery with controversy. Adding another incident to the list of irresponsible behaviour by big names of the industry is the recent tantrum of a renowned veteran designer Deepak Perwani on an Instagram Live with HSY. 

To a lazy scroller on Instagram who just chanced upon the excerpt, it just looked like an entitled and privileged ‘professional’ who never learnt how to take criticism. It doesn’t end here. He went on to fat shame renowned journalist Amna Haider Isani in an utmost callous tone; this point onwards it honestly just looked like a relative losing his bearings at a family event who ruins everybody’s day. Not a professional and interactive digital talk show between two industry professionals discussing craft or engaging the audience in a learning experience. 

Mind you, these are the people who fly overseas and time and again, demand respect from the audience because they are Pakistan’s representation on a world stage. We run to their defence and support on social media in troops when they are attacked and they cannot have the basic decency of watching their words and understanding the responsibility they owe to public sentiments. You are famous because we make you famous. 

What the celebrities need to understand is that we are growing tired of their unrefined behaviour. Everytime there is an incident of a celebrity’s crude action followed by stubbornly defending it, the first resultant emotion of your dear audience is rage… and then embarrassment. You need to rethink your PR teams and their sad attempts at keeping you relevant and more importantly, have a conversation with yourself about what you are representing to the global eye. We, as an audience, have to demand better content that deserves our eyeballs and our time. 

As for Deepak Perwani’s tantrum, an apology was issued after a series of tweets, a ‘cancel’ was hinted and all is past. Whether a lesson was learnt or not, remains unknown. Even as you read, you probably already know that we’ll all be here writing and reading about another reckless incident by another entitled celebrity next week.

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