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Disabled Workers Protest Against Punjab Government’s Discriminatory Notice

Disabled Workers Protest Against Punjab Government’s Discriminatory Notice

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The Punjab government has ordered officials to not hire staff on ‘contingent’ basis, resulting in a sit in by visually impaired workers

Recently the Punjab government gave a 150% salary raise to provincial bureaucratic elite while simultaneously issuing a notice to all Divisional Commissioners prohibiting them from hiring staff on contingent basis, and if any such order has been given then no further extension will be granted.

The letter also stated that contingent staff was being hired unnecessarily, putting burden on the government exchequer. A protestor commented on the situation saying, “we may be physically disabled but the government is mentally disabled”.

The protestors said that when they approached the office of Secretary Social welfare and DG Social Welfare, they were not allowed to meet them, they were refused from meeting them as the bosses allegedly ordered their staff not to allow it. One protestor said he had visited the DG Social Welfare office and had not only been refused a meeting but was also mocked by workers.

However, Social Welfare Department Pakpattan Deputy Director Mirza Afzal told a private news source that the protestors claims were false and would be arriving in Lahore soon to deal with the matter.

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