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Did Edhi do it?

Did Edhi do it?


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As insomnia kicks in, my thoughts usually start wandering into a world of randomness. Yet a world none the less, one I must explore.

Nobody will say it, but come on. In our hearts of hearts we know Abdul Sattar Edhi probably did it. As insomnia kicks in, my thoughts usually start wandering into a world of randomness. Yet a world none the less, one I must explore. This leads us to the question of whether the most charitable person in the entire world took a wanker when no one was watching (or who knows). While the statement in its essence is harmless, probably all of us have done it and probably still do, yet when we associate this to Edhi something seems off about it. It seems as if we are taking something away from his dignity, that being purity and perfection.

But why? It’s something human kind has been probably doing since Adam and Eve. People we admire, we make them into Gods. Symbols of purity. Not to be touched. I’m sure Mother Teresa cursed at some point in her life when nobody was watching. “I have freakin had it with these ungrateful bastards who just won’t convert” she might have said, who knows. Forceful conversion is no easy feat, I’m sure.

Or take the Pope slapping the hand incident for example. For God’s sake, the guy is human and the girl was literally pulling on his hand. This doesn’t just apply to the pious, it applies everywhere. Take Barack Obama for example, liberals and progressives can’t love him enough. “Obama for the 3rd time” said no conservative white woman ever. But Obama was no saint, he was a war crimnal just like the rest of them!!

Look at Pakistan Army for example, a simple criticism earns you the label of being unnationalistic but is every single soldier of 1.15 million soldiers the perfect soldier beyond an array of social or moral corruption? Or Imran Khan for a PTI supporter is literally a messiah from Heaven and a failing economy and a horrible smog situation is just a by-product of other ungodly beings. Or Maryam Nawaz being compared to Benazir, another false Messiah daughter of another false god.

This obession to make men into Gods is a problomatic one, it not only dissociates us from reality but sometimes makes us blind to even our own demise. Maybe a better narrative is that infact, Bajwa, Imran and Mariyam do Jerk off and that’s fine but this also means if now you can accept they’re humans just like you and me, you can also accept they can be pretty horrible aswell just like you and me. So, do you think Edhi jacked off?

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