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Did Arammish really ghost a customer after severely injuring her?

Did Arammish really ghost a customer after severely injuring her?


On April 16th, a girl named Hafsah (@hafsahhaqofficial) posted on Instagram about her experience at Arammish, DHA and stated that their masseuse injured her. She’s also a choreographer by profession and because of this injury, has missed out on a lot of work, as claimed by Hafsah.

What Happened: Hafsah stated that when she returned home after getting her massage, her back and legs ached horribly and it was tremendously painful to take a shower. The next day, on 14th March she noticed two brown bruises on her left leg. She said she continued her normal activities for 3 days and then suddenly, she felt an aching pain which travelled from her leg to her ankle.

How Arammish Initially Reacted: After calling out Arammish, their PR team contacted her by apologising and said they’ll investigate. They further said they couldn’t find her record and that they still apologise and will offer her complementary services. Hafsah told them that these services don’t do justice to the injury that was caused. Arammish asked her for a doctors note, which Hafsah sent, after which they became unresponsive.

Screenshot of Hafsah sending a doctors note.

Doctors Diagnosis: She was rushed to DHA Medical Centre the same day where she was informed that the bruises on her body were actually due to internal bleeding. The doctors informed her that if these bruises appeared after the massage then its because of it. Hafsah was on bed rest for 4-5 weeks and suffered from massive muscle atrophy. Her left knee cap had loosened and hamstrings, strained. Hafsah stated her knee makes a pop sound every time she walks. She then started 2 weeks of daily physiotherapy.

source: (@hafsahhaqofficial)

Second Reaction (LATEST UPDATE): Arammish blocked Hafsah on Instagram and ghosted her on Whatsapp. After her post went viral, they contacted her again as shown below and then ghosted her once again:

How People Reacted: Many people commented similar stories.

This is a developing story. Propergaanda cant comment on the authenticity of the accusations as we haven’t been in touch with Arammish.

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