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Despite Domestic Abuse Claims, Patari Promotes Mohsin Abbas Haider

Despite Domestic Abuse Claims, Patari Promotes Mohsin Abbas Haider


On Friday, popular Pakistani music streaming app Patari shared promotions of accused domestic abuser Mohsin Abbas Haider’s upcoming single.

Following these promotions on social media, Twitter users were quick to express outrage at the company for standing by and supporting an accused domestic abuser.

This is not the first time Patari has been accused of concealing crimes. In May 2018 Patari CEO Khalild Bajwa came under fire after two women accused him of having a reputation of using his power to coerce women into sexual favours. Following the allegations, Bajwa initially resigned but was hired back by company in secret some time after. Once it was clear that Bajwa was not going to step down, six team members from Patari resigned.

The versatile Mohsin Abbas Haider has cooked something amazing this time. Stay tuned to watch his new single "Rooh" releasing on December 6, 2019. Fingers crossed.#NewRelease #MAH #Rooh

Posted by Patari on Thursday, November 28, 2019

Moreover, in August 2018 Patari allegedly complied to a request by alleged harasser Ali Zafar to change the ranking of a song released by Faris Shafi on the grounds that the promotion of the song was making it seem as though Patari was on the side of Meesha Shafi in the sexual harassment legal dispute.

Mohsin Abbas Haider was found guilty of threatening his wife in a case bought to light by his former spouse, Fatima Sohail. She alleged that he violently attacked her after she confronting him about cheating on her. Haider called this case a ‘family matter’ and was subsequently fired from a late-night show.

In the province of Punjab, domestic abuse is a punishable offence under the constitution with penal consequences.

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