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Denmark re opens border to unite cross-border couples

Denmark re opens border to unite cross-border couples


On Monday, Denmark re-opened its borders to couples separated from their partners during the COVID-19 lockdown.Cross-border couples residing within the Nordic countries or Germany are now free to visit Denmark.

What are the rules?

Current regulations require couples to give proof of their relationship using photo evidence, phone records, text histories or email attachments. However, the Justice Minister has assured that these rules will be eased during the upcoming days, so only a letter signed by both parties would be required.

Speaking to broadcaster TV2, Justice minister Nick Hækkerup said, “If you say you are a boyfriend and sign [the letter], we will assume it [is true].” Denmark’s move has prompted other European Union (EU) nations to consider reopening Europe’s internal borders amidst the outbreak. Germany proposed allowing travel to all 26 other EU members including the UK and non-EU countries such as Iceland and Norway in the border-free Schengen zone from 15 June. The EU has also released guidance on best lifting travel restrictions.

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