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Daraz’s 11/11 sale, worth the hype or not?

Daraz’s 11/11 sale, worth the hype or not?


Daraz is a popular online shopping platform and it is offering a wide variety of deals ranging from phones to home appliances. The range of products on offer is great on Daraz. But, with major 11/11 sales and with a plethora of deals one can be overwhelmed by choice. So to make it easy for you here’s a list of the major deals on Daraz and whether they’re worth it or not. 


  • iphone 12-11
  • Samsung 
  • Nokia
  • Huawei, Xiaomi, Mi, Oppo, Infinix etc

Daraz is offering on average up to 13% off on these phones. Daraz is also offering the iphone 12 at Rs. 194,999 compared to other sites like ishopping where the non-PTA compliant version of the iphone 12 is selling for Rs. 204,999. The Samsung Note 20 Ultra is retailing for Rs. 193,999 on Daraz, whereas it is for Rs. 191, 883 + free power bank on Airkart. Overall, Daraz is still price competitive compared to its competitors and the sheer range of phones available at difference price points makes their phone sale one of the best available today. 

Co-sponsor deals:

  • Haier- up to 23% off
  • TCL- up to 24% off
  • P&G- up to 30% off
  • 1+ – up to 20% off
  • Unilever- up to 80% off
  • Nestle- exclusive bundles

Daraz’s co sponsor list is very large and they are able to offer discounts on various brands. Like the Haier 8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine which is retailing for Rs. 29, 899 on Daraz. The same machine is retailing for Rs. 30, 900 in Alfatah Electronics’ sale. Similarly, the TCL 32 inch D310 TV is on offer for Rs. 20, 900 at Alfatah Electronics and for Rs. 19, 500 on Daraz. So they seem to have a slight edge over other stores in sales on the brands listed above. 


  • The HBL Mega Vouchers on Daraz are better deal than Daraz’s own Mega Vouchers. This is because the HBL vouchers are providing a little more saving on the same minimum spend. For instance, the site’s own Mega Voucher provides Rs. 1,000 off a Rs. 25,00 spend, whereas the HBL Mega Voucher on Daraz provides Rs. 2,500 off a Rs. 25,000 spend. 

HBL Mega deals:

  • Up to Rs. 25,000 off on select products ranging from phones to shoes

Many of the major deals on Daraz are geared towards HBL customers and those offers are actually some of the best on the market. The greatest savings are  usually being offered in conjunction with HBL, like the iphone 12 deal. But still the rest of their sale, even for non-HBL customers, is price competitive and better than that of their competitors. On average, Daraz is offering more savings and lower prices than their online competitors in this 11/11 sale. 

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