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Dad, r u there?

Dad, r u there?


Authors note: The following is a work of satire, keep your pants on will you.
The author, Hamza Ghaznavi, can be followed on Twitter at

Dear Dad,

It has been a while since I’ve written to you. I’ve been reading this new book, ‘greatness of a sports captain’: it talks about what it takes to truly be a leader, I’ve been making lots of notes and I think I’ve learnt a lot so let me know when you’re ready to let me out of the kiddy chair. Perhaps it’s time I run this country without the support wheels that have been guiding the course of action till now.

I’ve heard a lot of my people are now calling me Imran Gaib, I thought (s)elected was bad enough but this is worse, do you suggest I ban this word as well?

I spent last night binge-watching The Bridgertons, I should definitely recommend it to my people as well, I think more than my policy making they enjoy my show recommendations. We can even air the show on PTV, but PTA might have an issue, I’m not certain though as their values seem misguided and poorly executed – I’m sure all the blokes have already seen the show themselves.

Before I forget – can I allot some extra money for the vaccine this month?

Yours truly as always,

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