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Coworking spaces may be the death of the traditional work environment

Coworking spaces may be the death of the traditional work environment


Coworking spaces are currently on an unprecedented rise in Pakistan. They aim to bring together small businesses, young entrepreneurs, independent professionals and freelancers together under one fully-equiptted space. With so many people working from home and creating their own small businesses, the demand for a co-working space is ever increasing in Pakistan.

Coworking spaces, however, offer much more than just a fully-equipped space for your small business. The sense of community felt at a co-working space is unlike that in any corporate environment, particularly in Pakistan. Being around other young professionals, typically working in creative fields, gives you a unique chance for ideation with other creative minds and the feeling of comfort and belonging in a professional setting.

Coworking spaces offer the opportunity to work and socialise. This is particularly important in the workspace, especially for fresh graduates starting their first jobs. By being in a close-knit community with other like-minded professionals you are able to decision make, brainstorm and seek mutual support about your own business which can prove to be beneficial for your own productivity and motivation in your own job. Studies have proven that a sense of community is vital for productivity at work and a co-working space, whose core values include a strong sense of community, perfectly fits this criteria.

Moreover, given the rise of young entrepreneurs and start-ups, the need for a cost-effective workspace has risen in the country. In this regard, coworking spaces have been paramount for start-ups. Coworking spaces act as an economical space for a small business to grow as it continues to hire more employees without investing a fortune into the workspace.

Coworking spaces have managed to incorporate office-like amenities into their casual and social ambience; the presence of meeting rooms, private spaces and private offices add to the professional feel of the workspace. More amenities include wi-fi, air conditioning, heating, access to a kitchen and multi-purpose halls which can be used for conferences and exhibitions.

Coworking spaces act as a modern workspace environment for the digitally driven millennial workforce. While other corporate, structural workspaces may be more strict and rigid in terms of dress code, socialising and employee-employer relations, the coworking space provides a more relaxed and down to earth environment which works particularly well with the millennial workforce. Coworking spaces cultivate a ‘start-up environment’ which allows for the free flow of ideas and thoughts regardless of roles and departments.

Moreover, coworking spaces have to work harder to create their own unique design and ambience by carefully selecting furniture and art, controlling the temperature and lighting and providing privacy and security.

A comfortable and open working environment is imperative for workers to perform their best at their jobs. With coworking spaces on the rise providing this space so readily for Pakistan’s young workforce, it will be interesting to see whether traditional workspaces die out completely or attempt to modernise to keep up with the competition.

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