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Covid crisis is altering the concept of long distance relationship and romance


Covid crisis is altering the concept of long distance relationship and romance


Relationships can be a challenge in general, but if you and your partner don’t live even remotely close to one another, it can be even more difficult to express your love and keep your bond intact. Fortunately, extra separation also can strengthen relationships just as much as it does to strain them.

Long-distance love may not exactly be seamless, but keeping the romance alive from a distance definitely isn’t impossible with the right tools, solid communication, and trust in one another.

After Covid unleashed its horror many couples are struggling with keeping their relationship alive especially relationships that are already at risk by long distance. In the discourse of modern love, many guides have been written by psychologists and novelists to help people with their long-distance crisis. In the old days, people relied on letters to share their feelings with their partners but recently social media has revolutionized how we see love and intimacy. 

Everyone seems to have a different opinion about it but they all agree that this medium of communication is the new reality of modern love. 

Our generation has redefined the idea of approaching love and relationship, with numerous dating apps, dating has become more accessible to those who won’t even dare to talk to strangers in person. Zoom dates is one the phenomenon gifted to us by covid. They don’t require you to go out and risk your health during a raging pandemic but it’s surely not near to the romance and intimacy of in-person interaction.

On the other hand, these social media tools have made us more dependent and somewhat isolated too. Our generation is more desperate for love and attention and for many reasons it is justified. We all are living through a stressful time and love and empathy are all we need right now. We all have to take care of our loved ones even if we can’t see them in person. Don’t give up on your love because of these circumstances, hold on. It will get better. 

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