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COVID-19 SOP compliance up to 64% nationwide


COVID-19 SOP compliance up to 64% nationwide


The Broadcast: Federal Minister for Information and Technology spoke to the media today evening and embarked on the conditions and the following of SOPs around the country. He stated that 68% of the country was now following SOPs instead of the previous rate of 34%. He thanked the media for their role in spreading awareness against this menace. He said that he hopes that the gap from 68% to 100% may be filled soon.

Regions with best SOP implementation: He said that the region of Islamabad was most stringent in following the SOPs followed by Azad Kashmir. He also appreciated Punjab for 59%, Gilgit Baltistan for 67% and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for 59% SOP implementation.

Concerns: He said that Sindh, specially Karachi was not following the SOPs related to COVID-19 at all, which was affecting the progress made in Punjab and KP. He questioned the policies of the Sindh government. He said that Karachi must implement SOPs as the supply chain begins in Karachi and this will affect the whole country’s fight against the third wave of COVID-19.

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