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Courageous women of Jamia protects fellow student from Delhi Police

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Courageous women of Jamia protects fellow student from Delhi Police


On Sunday evening, as protests against the newly amended Citizenship Act erupted across India, a video surfaced showing five women in protecting a man curled up on a pavement to protect him as he was beaten by the Delhi police.

Policemen were seen asking the man to come out of the compound of a bungalow. The women shouted at them and drove them away showed the video.

The man turned to look at the women to move further back into the compound, the policemen grabbed him, dragged him out onto the pavement and began to beat him.

The five women dashed out to form a protective ring around their friend.
Due to the courageous women and press photographers, the policemen backed off.

Women earning widespread praise for standing up to the police officials. “We were challenging the state and the authority,” Akhtarista Ansari, one of the five women told Scroll.in.

“I feel very proud of myself for doing this,” said the 19-year-old student, who is studying sociology at the Jamia Millia Islamia University. “And the protests will continue because this is not a two-day fight.”

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