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Coronavirus kills more than 100 Pakistanis in New York

Coronavirus kills more than 100 Pakistanis in New York

Saad Ali Rana

There are more than one hundred Pakistanis among the 8,000 people who have died of the coronavirus in the New York region, officials said.

The week ending on Friday has been the deadliest so far as the death toll across the United States almost doubled during this period. Total confirmed cases of the deadly respiratory disease across the United States have also reached almost half a million. So far, the virus has affected almost 1.7 million people across the globe, with the United States top on the chart with the largest number of patients. Also, more than 3,000 people have died in the US since Thursday morning.

Pakistan Embassy’s spokesperson speaks about the death of Pakistani’s in New York

“Information collected from hospitals, funeral homes and families indicate that more than 100 Pakistanis have died of this virus in the New York-New Jersey region,” said Pakistan’s Consul General Ayesha Ali.

“Some Pakistanis have also died in other states,” said Pakistan Embassy’s spokesperson Zoobia Masood. “We are still collecting information about how this disease has affected the Pakistani-American community.”

Minorities affected more

Statistics released in New York show that the disease has had a devastating impact on ethnic minorities. The highest number of deaths — 34 per cent — happened in the Hispanic community, followed by African-Americans, 28 per cent. The Whites are third on the list with 27 per cent deaths. Seven per cent of fatalities happened in the Asian-American community, which also includes Indians and Pakistanis.


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