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Coke Studio’s Take On ‘Iss Parcham Keh Saye Talay’ Is Striking A Chord With Every Pakistani

Coke Studio’s Take On ‘Iss Parcham Keh Saye Talay’ Is Striking A Chord With Every Pakistani


Coke Studio’s latest music release “Hum Aik Hain” a rendition of the famous song “Iss Parcham Keh Saye Talay Ham Aik Hain” – is striking a chord with every Pakistani!

The musical maestro Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan nails it once again with “Hum aik hain”

I made members of Team Propergaanda listen to the recently released number – and everyone had the same reaction, pure awe at the musical genius of ‘Hum aik hain’! And it isn’t just about the music, I think the video showcases an important message given the state of affairs in our country at the moment; watching the video gave me a sense of unity, something which is much needed at a time when we seem divided by our differences.

What I loved about the video was the way it highlighted our country’s vibrant and diverse culture as it follows the journey of a Coca Cola truck through various parts of Pakistan.

Does the video hint at whats to come in the upcoming season of Coke Studio?

‘Hum aik hain’ shows singers and performers being recorded in remote areas of Pakitan, making us wonder if some of them will be featured in the much awaited season 12 of Coke Studio.

Did you know its based on an original by the pop singer Alamgir?

Coke Studio has long been known for its hit renditions of cult Pakistani music favourites. And with ‘Hum aik hain’ they really nailed it, proving their dominance in the field! The original version of the song was released by pop singer Alamgir in 1982 as a part of his album titled “Hum Sab Ka Pakistan”, and became a huge success as the song promoted a message of unity amongst the masses under the flag of Pakistan.

Almost 30 years on, ‘Hum Aik Hain’ highlights the same message. The diversity of cultures and people in Pakistan is its real strength, and ‘Hum Aik Hain’ shows us exactly that.