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‘Churails’ Is A Cool New Web Series That Will Fight Misogyny

‘Churails’ Is A Cool New Web Series That Will Fight Misogyny

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Pakistani filmmaker Asim Abbasi has announced his latest anticipated project, a fun looking animated web series that will be laced with themes of female empowerment

The popular filmmaker who also directed ‘Cake’ shared the news on Instagram, with a short but blunt description about the series.

In a separate post, Abbasi explained that “every female character in this series will be shamelessly unapologetic. Just like the Good Lord intended”.

The filmmaker has clearly put in a lot of effort into the project, revealing that it had taken 500+ script pages, 150+ locations, 100+ characters, 75+ days of principal photography to wrap it up. Many celebrities like Eman Suleman and Adnan Malik have reposted the series poster in support.

While no other details related to the series premise have been released, it is already being met with high anticipation. The series will air online in 2020, although the platform to be used is yet to be confirmed.

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