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Children fake their mother’s death to claim Rs250 million in insurance

Children fake their mother’s death to claim Rs250 million in insurance


what happened:

The U.S Consulate in Karachi recently filed a written complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against two siblings for allegedly faking the death of their mother to receive Rs. 250 million from a United States (US)-based insurance company.

The complaint was submitted by the U.S Consulate officials to the FIA human trafficking cell under fraud charges against two individuals, named Fahad Saleem and Fariya Saleem.

Sources claimed that the mother, Seema Saleem Khar acquired two insurance policies from a U.S company in 2009, and on 08 June 2011, the death certificate of Seema Saleem was submitted to the insurance company to claim the amount.

When investigation was carried out it emerged that, in 2013, the dead woman had applied for a passport at the US consulate, sources stated “Seema Saleem had traveled to 10 countries after being declared dead on papers”.                                                                               

According to the investigation, the fake death certificate was made by a medical officer of the Sindh government at Lyari General Hospital. It cited the death as sudden while a Lyari graveyard also provided fake receipts of the burial.

The daughter was involved in acquiring fake documents whereas, the son applied for the insurance and received the claim based on the fake documents.

After receiving the insurance money, Fahad Saleem opened two accounts one at Dhoraji and the other in Jheel Park branches of a bank.

The FIA said that it has carried out raids to arrest the brother and sister to unearth the details of the scam.

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