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Check out these healthier alternatives to regular foods for sehri

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Check out these healthier alternatives to regular foods for sehri


Ramadan is finally here and like most Pakistani’s you’ve probably decided to use this time to start living a healthier lifestyle. Belonging to a desi household makes this change difficult, especially since our lives revolve around parathay, samosay and pakoray. However these healthier options for sehri will help you keep the promise that you made to yourself. 

These 15 things can be incorporated into your sehri to make sure you’re staying healthy. 

1. Swap out fatty spreads with some almond butter 

Almond butter helps with your heart health and reduces risk of heart diseases. The Health Nut (@thehealthnut.pk) has the best hand crafted, all organic almond butter. 

They give 500 grams of product in their containers.

It is priced at Rs. 1250. 

Check it out here!

source (@thehealthnut.pk)
source (@thehealthnut.pk)

2. These granola bars will make cereal dispensable 

Best Organics (@best_organics) has granola bars that are chunky, nutritious and are aimed to not be heavy on the stomach. 

They have roasted almonds, rolled oats and honey in their bars.

They are priced at Rs. 1500 for 10 bars. 

Buy them here

source (@best_organics)

3. Their Greek yoghurts come in multiple flavours 

Eating greek yoghurt helps in reducing hunger and boosts your metabolism. Homemade & Co (@homemadecopk) makes the best flavoured Greek yoghurts so that they’re tasty and healthy. 

They have flavours such as coconut, chocolate mousse and strawberry. 

They are priced between Rs. 350 to Rs. 550.

Order them here

source (@homemadecopk)

4. Organic eggs are good for your heart, eyes and skin 

Organic eggs from (@organicvalley.pak) are the best addition without changing your standard egg and toast sehri. 

One tray has 2.5 dozen eggs. 

They are priced at Rs. 1125. 

Buy them here

source (@organicvalley.pak)

5. Coconut milk and water help keep you hydrated and fresh

Thoughtful Kitchen (@thoughtfulkitchen) sells the best coconut milk yoghurt filled with probiotics. 

It can be added to granola, porridge and even smoothies! 

It sells for Rs. 1250. 

Check it out here

source (@thoughtfulkitchen)

6. Kefir water has is filled with nutrients and good bacteria

B.Gutsy (@b.gutsy.pk) offers kefir water that is cultured in small batches and is best for your gut health. They offer multiple flavours. 

It is dairy and gluten free. 

They sell it for Rs. 750 per a 500ml bottle. 

Order it here

source (@b.gutsy.pk)
source (@b.gutsy.pk)

7. If you still want to eat parathay use this alternative for regular flour 

Buckwheat Flour from Khalis Things (@khalisthings) is gluten free and promotes heart health. 

It is a good source of fibres and minerals. 

The price is marked at Rs. 850. 

Order it here!

source (@khalisthings)

8. Kombucha is a great source of probiotics and antioxidants 

Healthy Guts (@healthygutskhi) offers kombucha which is refreshing and subtle on the tongue. 

They offer flavours like black tea ginger kombucha. 

They sell around for Rs. 350. 

Place your order here

source (@healthygutskhi)

9. Honey is best for a boost of energy and health 

Honey from Woodland Foods (@woodlandfoodspk) extracts honey locally. They have multiple types of honey such as Acacia Modesta and Ziziphus. 

Honey helps cure illnesses and diseases as well. 

They are priced between Rs. 800 to Rs. 2700. 

Buy them here

source (@woodlandfoodspk)

10. Add these fruits to your yoghurt or granola for a little twist 

Shazday Fruits (@shazdayfruits) sells packaged dried fruits that make the perfect snacks and additions to your diet. 

They have fruits such as cherry and apricots. 

They are priced between Rs. 400 to Rs. 600. 

Shop here

source (@shazdayfruits)

11. Green tea is perfect if you’re looking to lose weight in Ramazan 

Bio Hunza (@biohunza) offers herbal teas that help keep you healthy. They have flavours such as Rose and Wild Thyme. 

Green tea also helps with bad breath. 

They are priced at Rs. 260. 

Check them out here

source (@biohunza)
source (@biohunza)

12. Porridge can be cooked to be savoury, sweet and sour

Porridge helps in lowering blood pressure, controlling blood glucose levels and lowers risk of cholesterol issues. Daali Earthfoods (@daaliearthfoods) sells vegan, organic and healthy porridge. 

The bag has 800 grams of this desi barley porridge.

It is priced at Rs. 230.

Shop here

source (@daaliearthfoods.com)

13. These healthy jams and preserves are perfect for a light sehri 

Amna’s Natural and Organics (@amnasorganics) sells healthy jams and preserves. They have flavours such as strawberry and chia jam. 

They do not add any additives or artificial flavours. 

It is priced at Rs. 350 to Rs. 550.

Buy them here

source (@amnasorganics)
source (@amnasorganics)

14. If you like to add cheese to your omelets try this out 

The Artisan Cheese Factory (@theartisancheesefactory) sells their own carefully curated, handmade cheeses. They act as the perfect alternative to packaged cheese. 

They have flavours such as halloumi and gouda. 

Their prices differ with the type and amount of cheese you buy. 

Check them out here

source (@theartisancheesefactory)
source (@theartisancheesefactory)

15. This fresh and organic produce is perfect for healthy salads 

Macro-Organics (@macroorganics) sell locally grown, exotic and rare vegetables in Pakistan such as Thai red chillier and Anaheim peppers. 

They are all non-GMO and free of chemicals. 

Their prices differ with the produce and the amount that you buy. 

Order this produce here

source (@macroorganics)
source (@macroorganics)

All products are selected by the editors. 

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