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Check out these 5 home-based kitchens in Karachi making delicious dumplings


Check out these 5 home-based kitchens in Karachi making delicious dumplings


If by any chance you’re a fan of dumplings then consider this a very good time to be a Karachite. We are sure that you too, like us, are guilty of eating dozens of dumplings in one sitting. This ultimate comfort food is a delightful thing, born of thrift and culinary ingenuity, that can easily be eaten in a few bites. 

You do not have to wait for your next visit to a restaurant to indulge in these little pieces of heaven. We have compiled a list of 5 home-based chefs in Karachi that excel in the art of making dumplings.

1. Dimplin’ 

Dumpling wrappers by Dimplin’ (@dimplin.khi) are made with flour, kneaded by hand and steamed to perfection with the utmost care. They currently have two items on their menu, Nepali momos which pair wonderfully with a red sauce and chicken dumplings which are accompanied with two dips: chilli oil and soy dip. They’ prices their chicken dumplings with dips at Rs.400 for 6 pieces and Nepali momos with the red sauce at Rs.450.

Start dimplin’ now!

2. The Dumpling Lab 

The Dumpling Lab (@thedumplinglab.pk) is a small home-run business by a mother-daughter duo. They offer three types of dumplings; veggie Dumpling in the soy-garlic dipping sauce, prawn dumpling in sichuan sauce and the best seller spicy chicken dumpling in their house-made red chilli oil sauce. These cost between Rs. 450 to Rs 650 for a pack of 6. 

Visit the lab here!

3. Taste n Stories

Ramsha and Rabeeha got inspired to start Taste n Stories (@taste.n.stories) after their visit to Nepal where they tried delicious Nepali Momos. The available options for dumplings include prawn, chicken, beef and vegetable. Each of the dumplings come with various sauces such as black Chinese sauce, green Thai style sauce and red chilli sauce. Their tandoori momos, butter chicken momos and chicken soup dumplings are best-sellers. The prices range from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1,000.

Order them here!

4. Mariyah’s Den

Mariyah’s Den (@mariyahs_den) has the most aesthetically pleasing dumplings. It should be your go-to place for desi fusion dumplings. Laal masala chicken dumplings are prepared in the red sauce while hara masala chicken dumplings are prepared in green chutney sauce. Both fusion dumplings cost Rs. 400 for 6 pieces. Customers can also get platters worth Rs. 3,800 that serve 5 to 6 people. 

Visit the Den here!

5. Sai’s Pantry 

Sais Pantry (@sais_pantry) currently offer chicken dumplings, beef dumplings, vegetable dumplings, cheese chicken/beef dumplings and frozen dumplings. All of them are paired with our homemade chilli oil sauce that is the perfect amount of spice and savouriness. Our best seller is definitely chicken cheese dumplings. It is a homemade business where the food is prepared with lots of love and hygiene to ensure safety especially in times like this. The dumplings cost between Rs. 210 to Rs. 580.

Check them out here!

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