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Chars, Dawai, Maal: An Insight into the High Society of Pakistan

Chars, Dawai, Maal: An Insight into the High Society of Pakistan


Introduction:A self-growing cannabis tech company Seedo AND Germany-based media campaign outlet ABCD shared their findings in the updated Cannabis Price Index after aggregating data from 120 cities around the world. Interestingly Karachi scored the second position in the list with 41.95 metric tons of weed. Cannabis has been cultivated and consumed in Pakistan for centuries.But where does it come from: Today’s cannabis strains have roots in the Kush region in Pakistan. Sensi Seeds’ very own Hindu Kash is one of the strains that come directly from this region.

Methods of Cannabis Production: Hash producers apply many methods to make their hash products. The most traditional way is to thresh dried plants over a thin woven cloth. This separates the ‘garda’ (dried resin) from the rest of the plant matter. In another method, the garda is placed into a goatskin, where it is stored for several months. The subdermal fat of the skin enables the bonding process, turning the garda into a sticky, green-brown mass. Cannabis farmers claim that leaving the garda in the skin for longer improves the quality of the final product.

Selling Cannabis in Pakistan: It is prohibited to sell or consume cannabis at all. The Anti-Narcotics Force usually adopt a four strategy 

  1. Tracing – locating the sources, movement, or ownership of the assets
  2. Freezing – under an order made by the Special Court, removing, transferring, or disposing of the assets
  3. Forfeiture – forfeiting the asset in favor of the Federal Government
  4. Realization – the assets are realized in favor of the Federal Government

The Pakistan government permits the cultivation of “narcotic plants” for “medical, scientific or industrial purposes”. This is only permissible when a license has been issued by the federal government or provincial government (with the federal government’s authorization).
Funnily cannabis is utilized nearly in every city of Pakistan. This growing trend of cannabis among young peers is questionably high.

We cannot advice you to smoke or not to smoke weed or cannabis, its not our job. We are here to inform you that cannabis is illegal in Pakistan and use of it can cause serious jail time but Karachi is too high to bothered by the Law.

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