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Careem Has Been Fined Rs. 50,000 Over Faulty Service

Careem Has Been Fined Rs. 50,000 Over Faulty Service


A total fine of Rs. 50,000 was enforced on Careem this Monday, on the basis of ‘faulty service’ provided and ‘mental agony’ caused to a customer. Advocate Mehmood Ahmed Khan had filed complained to the court about a ride that he booked with Careem from Gulistan-i-Jauhar to Saadi Garden on May 26.

The complainant stated he was accompanied by some female guests and children on the ride captained by a man named Mohsin Ahmed Lodhi.
Khan had told Lodhi to follow his friends who were on a motorcycle, but the driver did not comply and instead drove recklessly.

Next, Lodhi became annoyed upon being asked repeatedly to follow the motorbike, and proceeded to force the passengers to get off on the road halfway through the ride.

The complainant also added that all passengers had been fasting as it was the month of Ramadan, and the driver had used obscene and vulgar language.

The chief executive of Careem Pakistan, Junaid Iqbal, was found guilty of faulty service in breach of Section 13 of the Sindh Consumer Protection Act (2014).

Iqbal’s lawyer had initially argued that his client was not responsible for the drivers’ behaviour since they were ‘independent third-party service providers’, however the plea was overruled when it was brought to light that the company received 25% of each ride fare, therefore still eligible to be penalised.

The judge of the consumer court in Karachi ordered the defendant to deposit Rs. 25,000 with the court’s official, and a further Rs. 15,000 to the complainant as damages for the traumatic incident plus Rs. 10,000 as professional fee obtained on litigation.

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