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Cambridge exams to go as planned, students’ plea dismissed

Cambridge exams to go as planned, students’ plea dismissed


The Verdict: The much anticipated decision was finally announced at 4:30 pm in the Sindh High Court, after the Islamabad High Court had already dismissed the students’ pleas. The SHC presented reasons for their judgement stating ‘The holding of in-person exams does not infringe or intrude any fundamental rights of the petitioners’. The SHC further added ‘based on a number of facts and expert opinion, forethought and premeditation of all pros and cons and it does not seem to be arbitrary, discriminatory or violative of any constitutional, statutory, or any other provisions of law’. The court further added that arrangements are being made with strict attention to SOPs as over 80,000+ students prepare to start the session on Monday, 26th April. 

Jibran Nasir explains the court decision on Twitter

Public Reaction: Students took to social media channels to express their dismay. The government was slammed by students for taking the illogical decision and questioned the decision makers. Comparisons to neighbors India were made and how dangerous the situation had become across the border, and it was signified that Pakistan is already using 90% of their oxygen supply, yet the government has decided to send students to exams.

Criticism on exam decision not being in line with NCOC

Jibran Nasir Praises Students: Jibran Nasir led the case in the SHC, and guided students throughout the legal process during the proceedings. After the dismissal of the plea, Jibran posted a video message to his Instagram and also tweeted in support praising students’ spirits for submitting and getting this petition in all four big courts of the country. He quoted ‘zaroori nahi k debut per century ho’, and told students not to be disheartened.

Jibran Nasir celebrates students’ achievement
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