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Bykea rider threatens to kill and rape journalist allegedly

Bykea rider threatens to kill and rape journalist allegedly


What happened

Journalist Zebunnisa Burki shared her experience in a tweet on Sunday, “Hello @bykeapk one of your riders just threatened to rape and kill me. Wondering if your complaint chat box actually works because I haven’t received any response yet.”

What you should know

Soon after the tweet gained traction, Bykea shortly replied to Burki’s tweet “Apologising for the inconvenience”. “Kindly share your registered number with us via DM along with the booking details,” the company replied.

What happened next

Burki later shared the update of the resolution in a tweet reply saying, “I’m fine. Spoke with the Bykea complaint centre. They are extending all the help they can (have permanently removed the man from their service); and I am looking into further action — or not…[not sure tbh]. Thank you, folks, for the tweets.”

Bykea also put out a statement condemning the incident which read, “Harassment is an unforgivable offence and at Bykea we take it very seriously. We are deeply sorry for what our valued customer had to go through. Based on the severity of the offence, the reported driver has been permanently blocked and strict action has been taken. We continue to investigate this further and work on serious measures to ensure customer satisfaction,” 

Harassment and car-booking services

Multiple incidents have been reported by women traveling via car-booking services like Bykea, Careem and Uber with most reported and taken action against.

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