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Breaking News: Eight dead in mass shooting in Germany

Breaking News: Eight dead in mass shooting in Germany


Eight people are dead following two shootings at shisha bars in the western German city of Hanau.

At least five people were injured after gunmen opened fire at the innocent civilians.

Police added that they are searching for the suspects, who fled the scene and are currently at large.

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The first shooting was at a bar in the city centre, while the second was in Hanau’s Kesselstadt neighbourhood. Police officers and helicopters are now patrolling both areas.

The regional broadcaster Hessenschau reported; an unknown number of gunmen killed three people at the first shisha bar, before driving to the second and shooting dead another five victims.

The motive for the attack is still unclear and the German Police is still investigating the matter.

Hanau, in the state of Hessen, is about 25km (15 miles) east of Frankfurt.

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