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“Birds Of Prey” gives DC a breath of fresh air

“Birds Of Prey” gives DC a breath of fresh air


Birds of Prey, starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn works as damage control after the horrid disaster that was Suicide Squad.

The story unfurls with Harley Quinn dealing with her break up with the villainous Joker. It shows the moment when Harley realizes she is a hero. And we’ve seen every super hero go through the same moment, for Spiderman it was the passing of uncle Ben, for Batman it was the death of his parents, and for Harley it’s her break up with “Mr.J”

The first reviews of the movie have come out and the critics are pleased to say that it is perhaps not as trash as Suicide Squad.

A quick recap to the reviews Suicide Squad received, “bloated & cheerless monstrosity”, “cacophonic, senseless disaster”, and “an all-out attack on the idea of entertainment.”

For this time around, the push back was not as hard as Suicide Squad but not good either.

The critics found it pleasing to see a female protagonist and an all female crew.

And the antagonist being a man and getting beaten up was just cathartic for the critics to watch, one critic bluntly said, ” the joy comes from the simple fact that it’s extremely fun to watch Robbie and her co-stars break dudes’ legs and blow shit up.”

Alex Abad-Santos, from Vox said, “Robbie makes the difficult task of bringing a character like Quinn to life look fairly effortless. Unlike many of DC Entertainment’s superheroes (think: Wonder Woman) and supervillains (think: Phoenix’s Joker), there’s an edge of camp and crassness to Quinn—oftentimes cartoonish humor undercuts her violence and horror. Unlike in Harley’s animated roots and comics appearances, live action doesn’t lend itself as easily to those visual gags, leaving Robbie to do the heavy lifting of injecting the right amount of comedy into Quinn’s mania. Sometimes she loosens her face into a smile amid bone-breaking violence, or sharpens her features into a pout as Quinn completely and uncomfortably misreads a situation.”

The crime boss Roman Sionis, was played by Ewan McGregor who has shown great dedication to the character. More or less, if Suicide Squad was something that made you hate DC, perhaps Birds Of Prey makes you fall into DC once more.

If its not as bad as Suicide Squad, it’s worth the watch!

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