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Cannibalism bill pending for the last 6 years

Cannibalism bill pending for the last 6 years

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It has been nine years since a case of cannibalism was reported in Darya Khan, an area of District Bhakkar and the bill proposed against has yet to be passed.

In 2011, two brothers were held for eating the flesh of human corpses. Police and law enforcement agencies had recovered enough evidence from their house, leading to them being jailed. However, after being released they again were held for repeating the same offence. In 2014, they were arrested for digging up the grave of a child and eating it up.

They were jailed for 12 years this time and would be released in six years.

As this kept resurfacing, a bill was proposed by the then lawmakers Dr Nikhat Shakeel Khan, Sheikh Salahuddin, Muhammad Muzamil Qureshi and Kishwer Zehra. However, the bill is still pending before the standing committee.

Why is there a need for the bill against cannibalism to be passed?

Perhaps one of the reasons why it’s taking so long to pass the bill is because cannibalism isn’t as rampant in Pakistan. There are only a few incidents reported. However, the bill proposed by Kishwer Zehra incorporated other crimes that go unpunished.

The bill seeks to provide fine and punishment for cannibalism in Pakistan and also to ensure the safety and the dignity of the corpses. A while back there was a case against a man who had raped a corpse of a woman.

Also, it can’t be forgotten that corpses are mutilated for the purpose of organ transplantation. The use of bodies for experimental purposes cannot be ruled out either.


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