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Best viral memes of 2019

Best viral memes of 2019


2019 was undoubtably the year of memes. Thanks to the explosion of TikTok, memes were out of control this year with some of them even nominating politics and garnering attention from mainstream media. Here are some of the best memes from this year.

Area 51

After the mysterious emergence of an event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All” on Facebook, millions of people across the globe began RSVP-ing to the event giving way to the rise of Area 51 and alien memes. It began such a global and wide-spread meme, that remote towns close to the area began bracing themselves for chaos. Officials even warned that anyone attempting to trespass Area 51 would be handled with force. Eventually the event got cancelled due to it being labelled a possible “humanitarian disaster”.

VSCO Girls

A whole new youth subculture was created this year thanks to the advent of the “VSCO Girls” meme. The meme essentially parodies a typical “VSCO Girl” (VSCO being a popular Instagram photo editing app). Indicators of a VSCO Girl are: AirPods, wrists full of scrunches, Carmex lip balm and vehemently refusing to use any straw that isn’t metal.

World Record Egg

In the beginning of 2019, an account appeared on Instagram with the sole intention of getting its only post- a photo of an egg- to become the most liked photo on Instagram. Within 10 days, the photo stole the spotlight from Kylie Jenner’s first photo of her baby and achieved it’s goal. Today, the photo has over 54 million likes.

OK Boomer

“OK Boomer” began as a simple clap back from Gen Z’ers to mock older generations for their criticisms against the younger generation. It quickly rose to popularity on TikTok and started being used as responses to politicians on Twitter. Boomers were not too keen on the word, one even going as far as to call it the “n-word of ageism”.

Me Explaining

This one was a meme for anyone who’s ever tried really hard to convince their mom to let them do something. This is a “two-panel” meme with the person on the left being a YouTuber and the image from the right being taken from a reality TV show. The two images are not linked in any way, save for the meme. Today, this has become one of the most recognisable memes of the year especially when you’re trying to explain something to someone.

Will Smith as the Genie

2019 saw the live-action version of “Aladdin” where the role of the iconic Genie was played by Will Smith. Will Smith appeared decked out in gold jewelry, sporting a goatee, wearing regal blue clothing and was painted head to toe in blue.

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