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Bernie Sanders threatened by BJP general secretary


Bernie Sanders threatened by BJP general secretary


BJP General Secretary B.L Santosh has entered an unknown pernicious territory by interfering with the US Presidential Elections.

Bernie Sanders had shared the Washington Post’s report on the violence and slammed US President Donald Trump’s response, calling it “a failure of leadership on human rights.”

To which BJP GS Santosh replied, “How much ever neutral we wish to be you compel us to play a role in Presidential elections . Sorry to say so … But you are compelling us.”

The tweet was soon deleted, but to interfere in US elections is horrific crime, which perhaps Santosh understood soon after posting.

Some Hindu activists also responded to his tweet defending the hindu community:

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom urged the Indian Government to take swift action for the safety of its citizens.

Expressing “grave concern” over the violence, the US body said the Indian government should provide protection to people regardless of their faith. 

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